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Page Date Last Updated: 2007-07-19 04:57:08 PM

Synergistic Solutions General Terms and Conditions

Synergistic Solution interventions are based on a "capped" time and materials agreement with a dollar value cap established at the onset of the intervention and an agreed to project end date. The dollar value cap is established based on effort estimates provided and agreed to by Synergistic Solution clients. The dollar value of the cap is determined by multiplying the agreed to effort estimates by 1.1 and then multiplying by the Synergistic Solutions service rate. Hardware/software equipment, travel expenses, training, postage/shipping, access and use of information services (i.e., CompuServe, America On-Line, internet) are examples of material costs which will be invoiced separately.

Synergistic Solutions invoices clients on a monthly or bimonthly basis and all invoices are payable upon receipt. Synergistic Solution Clients are required to establish an open Purchase Order within their organization for the amount of the agreed to dollar cap. Synergistic Solutions will commence an intervention when the open Purchase Order has been established and 25% of the value of the open Purchase Order is provided. All Synergistic Solutions Invoices during the intervention will then be drawn against the remaining 75% open Purchase Order.

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