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Page Last Updated: 2011-07-01

Below are sites developed and/or maintained and/or being developed by Synergistic Solutions:

bullet VOTEGEBHARDT.COM (State Representative Campaign 2004)
bullet JOANGEBHARDT.COM  (Livonia City Council Campaign 2005)
bullet BD (Initially Proposed)
bullet SACRET_PLACES (Initially Proposed)
bullet DWIFF 2008 (Detroit Windsor International Film Festival Initial Proposal)
bullet St. Priscilla (Initially Proposed/Demo)
bullet LDC (Livonia Democratic Club) (Initially Proposed/Demo)
bullet The Wellness Community (Interactive Calendar developed at 2008 GiveCamp)
bullet MFF (2008 Michigan Flash Festival)
bullet DWIFF 2009 (2009 Detroit International Film Festival) Proposed
bullet Data-Masters (Proposed)
bullet DWIFF 2010 (2010 Detroit International Film Festival) DWIFF 2010 on AZURE Cloud
bullet ETL/Notte (Proposed SilverLight based web site)
bullet Employee Bill of Rights
bullet TEST_AREA_1 (Demonstration of New Ideas and Concepts)

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