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This vendor index uses the Synergistic Solutions IN=>ACTS framework to catorgoize the different vendors.

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!! IN formation Asset Vendors Information Storage and retrieval
A pplication Asset Vendors Information conversion/transformation
!! C omputation Asset Vendors Computational and Development platforms
!! T ransport Asset Vendors Information movement from point A to B
!! S upport Asset Vendors Education, training, system integrators

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INformation Asset Vendors :

Section Updated: 97/05/03
!! IMR Storage & Retrieval solutions, CD-R data stroage solutions, has WINNT & WIN 95 products for document scanning and storage, CSD drawings and COLD (97/04/25)
!! XDB Systems, Inc. Has products for DB2 and IMS access via Web page. Products are : STEPWISE, Data Warehouseing, Maintain, Expresslane for visual basic and PowerBuilde4r HeatShield, JET (JAVA applet development tool) (97/04/25)
BMC Corp
Data Warehouse management products, METADESK and METAMANAGE (Entered: 96/06/24)
Britannica Online (Pathfinder)
Encyclopedia On Line
Data base vendor
Business Objects
Client tools to access multiple relational databases
Cognos Corporation
Data Warehouse tools. IMPROMPTU and POWERPLAY are their products (Entered: 96/06/24)
On Line service
Dun & Bradstreet
Information on Companies
Information Retrieval - Data Warehouse
Informatica Corp
Middleare tools suite for creation of departmental data marts from mainframe or legacy data. (Entered: 96/07/03)
Relational Database, obtain FREE copy of "Client/Server Tools: A Guide To Developing Successful Applications"
Intelegent Solutions
Has Scope Document Outline for DATA WAREHOUSE project (Entered: 96/06/10)
ODBC Drivers, Version Control, Data Direct Smart Data for Oracle Applications. This software acts as an interpreter for spreadsheet or quering tool, dynamically generating "Smart" SQL to access any database in the Oracle Application Suite. (Updated: 96/10/21)
Jones Multimedia Encyclopedia
Encyclopedia On Line
Mecury Interactive
Data Warehouseing
Meridian Data
CD-ROM Servers & Software
Oberon Software
Tool to create programs that exchange existing data from diverse applications. (Entered: 96/07/03)
Objectivity Web Site Object Oriented Database (Entered: 97/04/13)
Relational Database, Internet "PowerBrowser", a browser with a database and allows peer to peer web server
Pilot Software Decision Support tools. Predictive data mining product (Entered: 97/04/13)
Progress Software
Relational Database, has strategic allience with DEC
Data Warehouseing
SAS Institute Inc.
Data Warehouseing
CD-ROM Publishers
Relational Database vendor. PowerSoft owned by Sybase. (Updated: 96/11/27)
Western Digital (Hardware)
Disk Drives


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Application Asset Vendors :

Section Updated: 97/04/13
!! Proxima Corporation Multi media projectors and desktop projectors (Entered: 97/01/17)
Ashely Bass
Macros for AmiPro
Best Software, Inc. Human resources management system. (Entered: 96/11/27)
Compunix, Inc. CAD data translation software products. (Entered: 96/11/27)
IQ Software
Data Warehouse Client and Reporting software. First implementation of parent/child query capability
Lotus/IBM Products
Offers "Legacy Systems Asset Management" product which is series of tools and services. (Entered: 96/06/24)
Home Products
Network Appliance
Provides a white paper entitled "The Appliance Culture" (Entered: 96/06/24)
Product is PowerMedia, a Multimedia presentation, training and kiosks software designed for visual HTML publishing on internet, CD-ROM and corporate networks (Entered: 96/07/24)
Steve Belleguelle
AMIWEB16 - AmiPro Web Page generation macros
Main Page, info on Color Printers and other products
Offering product with their OCR software for scanning paper documents into HTML pages. (Entered: 96/07/30)

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Computation Asset Vendors:

Section Updated: 97/05/03
!! Octagon Extreme environment and industrial PCs (97/04/25)
!! Aonix Object oriented development tools. Products include Software Trough Pictures, NOMAD, ADA, TeleUse (97/04/25)
!! Unison Software, Inc. Work Load Management product (MAESTRO), Storage Management (RoadRunner) Output Management (Vista) (97/04/25)
!! GemStone Systems, Inc.: Object/Web Computing/Development products which support JAVA & SmallTalk development (97/05/09)
ACom Partoit Laptop (Entered: 96/07/10)
BEA System, Inc. Development Company for Novel's TUXEDO Transaction Processor Products. (Entered: 96/11/27)
Black & White
Client/Serve development tools. Products are ORBIX, UIM/X, XMOVE, DB/ENABLE, VIEW.H++, XRT. (Entered: 96/07/03)
Borland Client/Server software and internet development products. Visual Basic, Paradox, IntraBuilder, Delphi, ReportSmith, BC++, Interbase, Pascal. (Entered: 96/11/27)
Cayenne Software, Inc. Object Oriented development tools and Data Warehouse. Company is a merger of Bachman and Cadre. (Entered: 96/11/27)
C Development Tools
CyberSource Corp. Reusable software components. One can browse, evaluate, sell and buy objects. (Entered: 96/11/27)
Development Exchange
ActiveX information and links to Microsoft and Non-Microsoft resources. (Entered: 96/07/03)
Programming tools that combine Visual Basic and HTML forms. (Entered: 96/07/03)
Dynasty Technologies
Client/Server 3-Tier Development
EnterSoft Systems Corp.
A "middleware" specility company. Product is called TOP END (Entered: 96/06/24)
Has indexed listing of JAVA appletts
Gateway Online Homepage Provides local community networking and internet services to Southeastern Michigan. (Entered: 97/01/03)
HAL Computer Systems A Fajitsu company manufacturing a 64 Bit Work Station, Solaris compatable OS. (Entered: 97/04/13)
IBM Corp
Main homepage. Has Object based System Object Model (SOM) packages and information. (Updated: 96/11/27)
IBM Corp
OS/2 and Warp Server (i.e. Web Server). Entered: 96/07/03)
Main page
A Premier developer resource. Dedicated to software developers. Technical tips, PRODUCT DIRECTORY, developer forums. (Entered: 96/07/30)
JAVA, Sun Microsystems
JAVA Development Kit site
Ken Cox VBS & WinHelp Workshop
ActiveX OLE Controls Tips & Tricks. (Entered: 96/07/03)
!! LogicWorks
ERWIN is a product line. CASE Tools as well as process mapping and diagraming tools. Has a new product "TestByte" to generate test data for database and script testing (Updated: 97/05/03)
Micron Electronics PC Manufacture & Distributor (Entered: 96/12/20)
Microsoft SiteBuilder
Internet Site Development area for Microsoft. Sample Library of ActiveX Applications. Includes directions for downloading the SDK. (Updateded: 96/10/24)
NT Server 4.0 and NT Worlstation 4.0 information. (Entered: 96/06/24)
Main page
Microsoft Windows 95
Windows support area
Navisoft Products
Main Page
Netframe Inc. Clustered, Multiple CPU servers. A product is "Cluster System 9000IS" (an intra net server). (Entered: 96/12/23)
NeXT Software, Inc.
Information on WebObjects based on Java. (Entered: 96/07/22)
ParaSoft Corp. Error detection software INSURE++ (Product). Detects errors at the source level. (Entered: 96/11/27)
A PC Ordering/Sales site which allows you to compare products. (Entered: 96/07/30)
Persistence Software, Inc. Provides an OBJECT to RELATIONAL Database application development system which automates the mapping of object application to relational databases. The system has three components, (1) Object Bench, (2) Snjap-In Database Object and (3) Object Server (Entered: 96/10/21)
Persistence Software, Inc.
Object-To-Relational application development systems
Price Watch(tm) STREET PRICE SEARCH ENGINE. Place to go to see what the current price of PC equipment is (Entered: 97/04/13)
PowerSoft Client/Server development tools. Owned by Sybase, PowerBuilder, Optima++ are some products. (Entered: 96/11/27)
PureSoftware MERGED WITH ATRIA. Development tools used by Miscrosoft and Netscape developers. Their products are:
  • ClearCASE- Software Configuration/Version Control
  • PureDDTS-for quality management and bug tracking
  • Purify-for eliminating run-time errors
  • PureLink- for fast incremental linking
  • Quantify-for improving application performance
  • PureCoverage-for finding untested code
  • PureTestExpert-for automating large test suites
  • PureVision-for tracking the reliability and usage levels of software
  • PurePerformix-for client/server load testing simulation. (Updated: 96/12/23)
Qualix Group, Inc. PC Manufacture & Distributor. (Entered: 96/11/27)
!! Rational Software
Rational Rose, Rational SQUSuite for Oracle Developer/2000, Ada programming language. (Updated: 97/05/03)
Requisite, Inc. Requirements management software and services that helps software project teams colaborate. (Entered: 96/11/27)
!! Rogue Wave
"The Software Parts Comapny". Products are Object Factory, Math.h++, DBTools.h++, JFactory (1st Visual Designer & Object Builder for JAVA). (Updated: 97/05/03)
Rollins & Associates
ActiveX and Visual Basic Script Examples. (Entered: 96/07/03)
UNIX, Intel based, this is where Novell UNIXWARE ended up (Entered: 96/06/24)
Silcon Graphics
Main Page
ST Labs, Inc. Offers a service to test internet applications and games (Entered: 97/01/02)
SUN Microsystems
Main Page, JAVA owners and RISC based Systems
Symantec (Cafe)
CAFE Product from Symantec. This is JAVA development tool set. (Entered: 96/06/24)
SYNON Application development tools. Obsydian and Synon/2 are two of their products. (Entered: 96/10/21)
Univ. Of Arizona
Has FREE JAVA Visual Development Tool
USoft Corp. "The Server/Client Software Company". Products are (1)BatchServer, (2) Benckmark (an automated TEST environment), (3) Bridge Server (other CASE repositories to USoft respository), (4) Developer, (5) ODBC Server, (6) Online (a Transaction Manager), (7) Transport (Gateway connectivity products to such systems as IBM IMS, CICS, TUXEDO, UNISYS OPEN/OLTP and OSI-TP Complient environments) (Entered: 96/10/21)
Vinzant, Inc.
Product is ECS for Windows NT, a program to help with scheduling Windows NT processes (Entered: 96/07/10)
Wall Data Inc.
Tool to create your own custom business applications. product is called SALSA (Entered: 96/06/24)
Embedded systems market, Tornado product & Development Tools
Zenith Data Systems Direct PC Manaufacture & Distributor. (Entered: 96/11/27)


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Transport Asset Vendors:

Section Updated: 97/05/03
!! Seagate Software, NSMG Product is "NerveCenter NT" a network "early warning" system (97/04/25)
!! Diversified Wire & Cable Wires, cable, connectors, faceplate vendor (97/04/25)
!! BindView Development Network Administration tools. (97/04/25)
Access Beyond New Company. Competes with Shiva, Cisco, Bay Networks (Entered: 96/12/23)
ISDN Rates and Service
Main Page
Ascend Communications
Manufacture of ISDN hardware and software
Banyan World Wide Webquarters Network OS, "Business an Mail" a WORFLOW, Email product. (Entered: 96/12/09)
Bay Networks
WAN/LAN Bridges/Routers. Offers FREE products CD available.
Cisco Connection Online LAN/WAN bridges, pepeaters, hubs, network management systems. (Entered: 97/01/16)
Dan Gegel's
Clearing house for ISDN Information
The WinFax company
Wireless Communication, base stations (Entered: 96/07/10)
Innosoft International, Inc Email interconnect product called PMDF (Entered: 97/03/12)
ISDN Pacific Bell
User's Guide To ISDN
ISDN Bellcore
Main Page
Main Page
Net Genesis
Find out how to get most out of your web site. NET.ANALYSIS is product (Entered: 96/06/24)
Network General Hardware & Software items to help manage and trouble shoot LAN/WANs (Entered: 96/10/21)
Novell (US)
Main Page in US
Novell (Germany)
Main Page in Europe
Main Business Partner Page. (Entered: 96/07/03)
VocalTec Home Page Internet Phone with Video software product (Entered: 96/12/20)
REFLECTION is there product. Access to IBM Mainframes ans AS/400, VAX, Alpha and UNIX Systems (Entered: 96/07/10)
ISDN Modems


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Support Asset Vendors:

Section Updated: 97/05/03
!! Guardian Firewall and Internet management software for NT networks (97/04/25)
!! ChannelWeb Vendor and distributor information. (97/04/25)
!! PSC Instistute Educational division of PSC Group. Has training on CISCO, BAY and DIGITAL Products. (97/04/28)
B&A (Bernstein and Associates)
Product is "B&A DESIGN-A-COURSE" a fillin-the-blanks approach to develop training material. (Entered: 96/06/24)
Delphi Consulting Group
The Information Advantage, Document Management and Workflow
Dylan Greene's
Windows 95 Support Site Experimental Page
Frank Condron's
Windows 95 Support Site, Easy to navigate collection of Links, Q&A files, software drivers, troubleshooting
Gartner Group IT Consulting and market survey and analysis company. (Entered: 96/10/21)
Global Knowledge Network Education/Training Provised. Is an ATEC for Microsoft (Entered: 97/01/17)
James Martin + co IT Consulting firm. Contact is Brian Bradley out of Chicago. (Entered: 96/12/05)
Magic Solutions, Inc.
Help Desk Products. Also provides "Knowledge Bases" on products for Hel;p Desks (Entered: 96/06/24)
Process Software
Windows 95 Support Site, Software archive. Product is PURVEYOR, a desktop Web Server
Raptor Systems
Internet Fire Wall Software Provider
Software Age A Database of software applications searchable by vendor, product name, product catagory, also has trade show Information. (Entered: 97/01/02)
Software Publishers Association (SPA)
Information on Software Priacy and where to go to report it. (Entered: 96/06/24)
Software Spectrum PC Software reseller. In 96/05/13 acquired Corporate, Government and Education (CGE) division of Egghead Software. (Entered: 96/10/21)
South-Western Educational Publishing Primarily Books (Entered: 97/03/12)
Surefind, A Company of EIS International, Inc.
Backup, storage and recovery via the Internet for $9.95/Month In conjunction with Compuserve (Updated: 96/11/27)
Trusted Information Systems Internet FIRE WALL product called GAUNTLET. (Entered: 96/11/27)
Consulting, Software and Training Firm. Started Oracle Users Group in Detroit Area. This site has Oracle Forms 4.5 and Developer 2000 Tips, Tricks and programs (Entered: 96/07/03)
Windows 95 Support Site
Links to software archieves, tips and tricks, and fact sheets
Windows 95 Support Site
Extensive networking how-to documents. "Best Windows 95 Info, Drivers and Shareware"
Windows 95 Support Site
Extensive networking how-to documents. "Best Windows 95 Info, Drivers and Shareware"


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