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INformation Asset Vendors and Articles :


INformation Assets can be further decomposed into the following categories. "Click" on the appropriate category to locate vendors and articles:

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Resources                                          Note: Click on company logo to go to web site


The BAILANDO Projects Berkeley University projects associated with Taxonomies and metadata. (Entered: 2004/12/18 Updated: 2004/12/21)


Ovum Consulting/Service company dealing with Taxonomy generation.  (Entered: 2004/12/18)

White Papers:

"Building a Corporate Taxonomy: Benefits and Challenges"


Dun & Bradstreet Information on Companies ( Updated: 2004/12/21)

Compuserve On Line service ( Updated: 2004/12/21)

Jones Multimedia Encyclopedia Formed in 1969, Jones International™, Ltd. (JI) is the corporate parent of multiple subsidiaries in the Internet, e-commerce, software, education, entertainment, radio, and cable television programming industries. Jones International is wholly owned by Glenn R. Jones who serves as JI's Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer and President. ( Updated: 2004/12/21)

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Software                                                                                       Note: Click on company logo to go to web site


IMR Storage & Retrieval solutions, CD-R data storage solutions, has WINNT & WIN 95 products for document scanning and storage, CSD drawings and COLD (Entered: 1997/04/25  Updated: 2004/12/21)


BMC Corp  Data Warehouse management products, METADESK and METAMANAGE (Entered: 1996/06/24  Updated: 2004/12/21)


Pervasive Software Btrieve Data base vendor (Updated: 2004/12/18)


Business Objects Client tools to access multiple relational databases (Updated: 2004/12/18)


Cognos Corporation Data Warehouse tools. IMPROMPTU and POWERPLAY are their products (Entered: 1996/06/24  Updated: 2004/12/21)


Hummingbird Information Retrieval - Data Warehouse Used to be called Fulcrum (Updated: 2004/12/18)


Informatica Corp Middleware tools suite for creation of departmental data marts from mainframe or legacy data.  (Entered: 1996/07/03 Updated: 2004/12/21 )


Informix Relational Database, obtain FREE copy of "Client/Server Tools: A Guide To Developing Successful Applications" was purchased by IBM (Updated: 2004/12/18)


Data Direct/ Progress Software ODBC Drivers, Version Control, Data Direct Smart Data for Oracle Applications. This software acts as an interpreter for spreadsheet or quering tool, dynamically generating "Smart" SQL to access any database in the Oracle Application Suite. Intersolve was purchased by DataDirect  and DataDirect was purchased by Progress Software (Updated: 2004/12/18)


Mecury Offers Business Technology Optimization (BTO) to help organizations optimize the business value of Information Technology (IT). They offer services to help govern and manage the priorities, processes, and people required to run IT like a business and products to help Optimize the quality, performance, and availability of software applications (Updated: 2004/12/21


Objectivity Web Site Object Oriented Database (Entered: 1997/04/13  Updated: 2004/12/21)


Oracle Relational Database, Internet "PowerBrowser", a browser with a database and allows peer to peer web server ( Updated: 2004/12/21)


Pilot Software Decision Support tools. Predictive data mining product (Entered: 1997/04/13  Updated: 2004/12/21)


Progress Software Relational Database, had strategic alliance with DEC ( Updated: 2004/12/21)


RedBrick Data Warehouseing prucahsed by IBM (Updated: 2004/12/18)


SAS Institute Inc. Data Warehouseing ( Updated: 200412//21)


Ovid/SilverPlatter CD-ROM Publishers purchased by Ovid (Updated: 2004/12/18)


Sybase Relational Database vendor. PowerSoft owned by Sybase. (Updated: 1996/11/27)

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Hardware                                          Note: Click on company logo to go to web site


Western Digital Disk Drives ( Updated: 2004/12/21)

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