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Computation Asset Vendors and Articles:

Computation Assets can be further decomposed into the following categories. "Click" on the appropriate category to locate vendors and articles:

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Resources                                          Note: Click on company logo to go to web site

PC Magazine Trade journal containing helpful articles as listed below:


Make the Most of Your New PC


Devx.com use to be the "Development Exchange" which provided activeX information and links to Microsoft and Non-Microsoft resources, but has now evolved into a site for application development. (Entered: 96/07/03 Updated: 2004/12/21)


DEVELOPER.COM used to be called GAMALAN Site and use to have  indexed listing of JAVA appletts. Has evolved into a Java developers resource site (Updated: 2004/12/21)


Price Watch(tm)

Price Watch(tm) STREET PRICE SEARCH ENGINE. Place to go to see what the current price of PC equipment is (Entered: 1997/04/13 Updated: 2004/12/21)

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Software                                                                                      Note: Click on company logo to go to web site


Aonix Object oriented development tools. Products include Software Trough Pictures, NOMAD, ADA, TeleUse (Entered: 1997/04/25 Updated: 2004/11/21)


BEA System, Inc.  Development Company for Novel's TUXEDO Transaction Processor Products. (Entered: 1996/11/27 Updated: 2004/21)


 Borland Client/Server software and internet development products. Visual Basic, Paradox, IntraBuilder, Delphi, ReportSmith, BC++, Interbase, Pascal. (Entered: 1996/11/27 Updated: 2004/12/21)


GemStone Systems, Inc. Object/Web Computing/Development products which support JAVA & SmallTalk development (Entered: 1997/05/09 Updated: 2004/12/21)


ICS (Integrasted Computer Solutions, Inc.) Was "CenterLine" which provided C Development Tools (Updated:2004/12/21)


IBM Corp  Main page. Has multiple IT Assets such as Object based System Object Model (SOM) packages,  database systems (DB2, Informix) Operating Systems (Linux, AIX,OS/2 and Web Server, Application Server and use to make PCs. (Entered: 1996/11/27 Updated: 2004/12/21)


 JAVA, Sun Microsystems Creators of J2EE (JAVA) language/environment. (Updated: 2004/12/21)


CA (Computer Associates) purchased LogicWorks who created ERWIN, a CASE (Computer Aided Software Environment) tool as well as process mapping and diagramming tools. They also created "TestByte" a toll which created  test data for database and script testing (Entered: 1997/05/03 Updated: 2004/12/21)

Composite Software Provides a Composite Information Server software which is based on the Enterprise Information Integration (EII) technology (Entered: 2005/07/02).


Micron Electronics Used to be a PC Manufacture & Distributor, but has eveolved to a memory manufacture (Entered: 1996/12/20 Updated: 2004/12/21)


Microsoft  Main page. Has multiple IT Asset products. Data bases, multiple Operating Systems (Windows, NT, XP, etc.), Software Development Environments, peripheral hardware, web servers, etc.  (Entered: 1996/06/24 Updated:2004/12/21)


 ParaSoft Corp. Error detection software INSURE++ (Product). Detects errors at the source level. (Entered: 1996/11/27 Updated: 2004/12/21)


ObjectStore purchased Persistence Software, Inc. who created an OBJECT to RELATIONAL Database application development system which automates the mapping of object application to relational databases. The system has three components, (1) Object Bench, (2) Snjap-In Database Object and (3) Object Server (Entered: 1996/10/21 Entered: 2004/12/21)


Sybase purchased the PowerSoft Client/Server development tools, PowerBuilder, Optima++ are some products. (Entered: 1996/11/27 Updated: 2004/12/21)

Rational Software IBM purchased Rational and its products Rational Rose, Rational SQUSuite for Oracle Developer/2000, Ada programming language. (Entered: 97/05/03 Updated: 2004/12/17)



Rogue Wave "The Software Parts Company". Products are Object Factory, Math.h++, DBTools.h++, JFactory (1st Visual Designer & Object Builder for JAVA). (Entered: 1997/05/03 Updated: 2004/12/27)

SourceForge OpenSource software tool provider.  (Entered: 2005/03/18)


SCO (Santa Cruse Operation) UNIX, Intel based, this is where Novell UNIXWARE ended up (Entered:19 96/06/24 Updated: 2004/12/27)

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Hardware                                                                    Note: Click on company logo to go to web site


Silicon Graphics Main Page 


ST Labs, Inc. Offers a service to test internet applications and games (Entered: 97/01/02)


SUN Microsystems Main Page, JAVA owners and RISC based Systems


Globalecs purchased Vinzant, Inc. ECS products for Windows NT, a program to help with scheduling Windows NT processes (Entered: 1996/07/10 Updated: 2004/12/24)


WindRiver Embedded systems market, Tornado product & Development Tools

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