Richard L. Miga

34033 Fonville                  Livonia, Michigan    48152                 248-477-1622


An information processing architect and engineering professional with extensive experience and:

  • Proven ability to manage, direct, focus and work with people to attain project objectives,
  • Believes that PEOPLE are an organizations most important asset and values their professional skills, talents, time and career objectives,
  • Understands that improving business PROCESSES will improve PROFITS,
  • Proven ability to effectively identify, select and apply information processing technologies,
  • Knows the value of proactive, strategic/tactical planning is focused on the future and has an optimistic, positive attitude.



Project/Program Leadership

Research & Development

Inter/Intranet development

Tactile and strategic Planning

IT Product evaluation & Selection

Software Development

Client/Server Development

Business, Engineering & Manufacturing Systems Integration

Business Process Re-Engineering

Electronic Document & Image Management

Knowledge Ecology/Management

Business Plan & Budget generation



  • Identified, selected and directed implementation of new enterprise based technologies as member of CTO Organization.
  • Defined strategic/tactical direction for Corporate Knowledge Ecology/Management initiative and use of inter/intranet, document/image management, Client/server technologies for utility based company.
  • Architect and planner of Client/Server customer service & billing system, Financial Systems and Recoverability Center for energy utility to service 3 million plus customers in de-regulated environment.
  • Developed project plan and approach for a Data Warehouse for a health insurance provider.
  • Created an investment trust tracking and decision facilitation system which resulted in 32% growth of trust assets in one year.
  • Managed, designed, staged, and implemented multiple multi million dollar projects which implemented Client/Server Electronic Document Management technology and systems in major corporations in the utilities, petrochemical and manufacturing businesses.
  • Developed and instituted a project management methodology process to insure successful Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) integration.
  • Managed, designed, developed and implemented a PC/LAN based lower CASE system (PVCS) which provided complete software version/revision build control for multi million dollar project.
  • Managed a Product Assurance department and directed staff of 14 which verified all software product elements and releases resulting in $150,000 annual savings.
  • Managed successful conclusion of Intercept Processor software product development which broadened the product line and increased company revenues by $500,000.
  • Deployed a $1.2 Million Software Development Environment which improved software development productivity by 10%.
  • Proposed redesign and strategic integration of GM and EDS information resources onto a private world wide packet based resource to provide 50% reduction of operating costs.
  • Developed service and rate schedule for internal private packet network providing annual billing opportunities of $1.5 Million.
  • Evaluated information processing companies to determine if equity position or strategic alliance would be advantageous.
  • Managed corporate team (5 direct and 12 in-direct reports) which created a corporate wide, distributed multi-vendor (DEC, IBM, HP) engineering and manufacturing resource which reduced operating costs and improve productivity by 30%.
  • Designed, developed and integrated a computer based expert system which reduced geartrain product development time by 80%.
  • Established independent consultancy firm to service various small businesses.
  • Created and defined IN=>ACTS framework as communication tool for consultancy efforts.
  • Established not-for-profit (401K) corporation (Founder, Board Member and Vice President)



Synergistic Solutions

Owner and General Partner (Founder 1983)


DTE Energy

Information Processing Architect


Sirco Associates, Inc.

IT Architect/Planner Detroit Edison


Cimage Corporation (a)

Project Manager, Senior Application Engineer


Computer Methods Corporation (b)

Contractor/Consultant To Ford Motor Corporation


World Computer Corporation (c)

Manager Product Assurance


NT/BNR (d)

Project Manager, Software Development Environment


GM/EDS (e)

Manager, Advanced Engineering, Communications Service Division


Bendix (Allied) Corp. (f)

Executive Offices. Corporate Manager Engineering Network Services

Sr. Project Engineer, Bendix Research Labs




Staff Engineer, Automatic Electric Labs


Burroughs (UNISYS) Corp.

Engineering Intern


Notes: (a) Bankrupt, (b) Blanket contractor to Ford, (c) Merger with EDS, (d) Facility Closed, (e) Merger with EDS, (f) Merger with Allied




Electronic Document Management, Sybase, Oracle, Foxbase, CompuServe, Inter/Intanet, Lotus Approach, Notes, Epicenteric


Multi-Media, Microsoft Office, Lotus SmartSuite, Microsoft Project, EASYCase, Designer, Symphony, ABT Project WorkBench, CAD/CAM, Perfect Office Suite, FEA, FMEA, File Conversion tools, Internet browsers, WordScan, MYM, Visio, MS FrontPage, DreamWeaver, Quicken, BEA WebLogic, XML


PC's, DEC, DG, HP, IBM, Sun, Windows 3, Windows 95, NT, VMS, MVS, UNIX, DOS, OS2, FORTRAN, BASIC, C, DCL, Symphony/Lotus Macro, CCMail, AppWare, HTML, J2EE


Novell, NT, ISO Model, TCP/IP, DECnet, SNA, Packet Switching, Ethernet, Token Ring, ISDN, Web Services, 802.11b,g, SOAP, WSDL, UDDI


CASE Tools, Oracle Designer/Developer 2000, Microsoft PWB, PVCS, PROMOD, Data WorkBench, APT WorkBench, Teamwork, BEA Workshop, CMM, Configuration Management



  1. Richard L. Miga, "IN=>ACTS: A Framework For Success and Survival", October 1995, International NUI Conference
  2. Richard L. Miga, W. Binroth and R.K. Haboush, "Reliability And Availability Concepts and Analysis Results For The Paint Spray Robot System", Bendix Technical Publication, July 1977.
  3. Richard L. Miga, "A Method To Determine Percent Structural Error Detectability Of Self-Test Software", SAE Aerospace Control and Guidance Systems Proceeding, March 1977.
  4. Richard L. Miga, M. D. Freedman, M. T. Gale, and J. M. Idelsohn, "A Computer Aided Interactive Graphics System For The Design Of Geartrains", Society Of Manufacturing Engineers, 1976.



 BSEE, Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan

   Bendix Executive Skills Training Program (BEST)

   Executive Problem Analysis and Decision Making (Kepner/Tregoe).

   Licensed trainer for "Mastering Meetings For Results".

   Patent Law Courses.                      

   Airman's Pilot License (Private).



   District Technology Steering Committee & Strategic Planning Team, Livonia Public Schools

   Engineering Society Of Detroit Ambassador

   Fund Raiser, Angela Hospice, Earth Angels


   Skiing, Golf, Racquetball, Theater, Music


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